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This page is mainly for people who are willing to just have a read through some of the show’s stats.

Karo has has well over 20 episodes that average well over 700-1000 views. With a cumulative view count of 19000+ views and a like is to view ratio at 1:6 and a like is to dislike ratio at 17:1 the show has highly positive stats.

The first season of the show premiered is January and the Second premiered in the end of April. With S2 performing wonderfully, the show page gets over 30 views a day as a standard.

Karo’s filming manpower involves at-least:

  • Brain Storming-3 Hours
  • Research – 0.2-1.5 hours
  • Prototyping and Filming – 1-2 hours
  • Editing -0.2-1 Hour
  • Show Notes preparation and maintenance- 0.2-1 Hour
  • Viewer interaction-Forever

The show is hosted, compiled and completed by only one person-Atul.

The show is now directed by us in-house (ON).

Karo’s episodes have been viewed altogether for over 1-20 hours per episode by its viewers. \

The show does not plan on changing to Wide 16:9 long form content any time soon. It will stick to the 9:16 portrait style. Each episode will be 30 seconds to 1 minute long.

Karo has also has a strong impact on our overall subscriber count by giving it a substantial raise by 98-100%. With increasing count with every episode, that count will rise throughout the duration of the show’s seasons.

Karo’s second season will be exclusive to YouTube Shorts only until the end of its airing. Season 1 episodes will be viewable on other platforms too. A full list of S1 and 2 episodes and titles for reference will be released soon.

Karo’s camera style is the single camera top down style where the workbench with a unique background will be visible. Karo’s recent episodes are filmed and uploaded in 4K with older episodes being available at 1080P.

Karo also plans to make replication easier by launching a combi part set that will help in the making of all projects in the series.

Karo also features microcontrollers and newer chipsets for its projects and highly promotes good MCUs.

Karo also aims to make a good database of many beginner projects for hobbyists and students so that learning will be easier. Karo’s consolidation of articles and write-ups for each project will begin soon.

For the show S2 will be the longest airing season based on internal show plans with no future plans wrt S3.

We are also looking for collaboration with part, component, manufacturers etc for our show. Please read the text below and contact us if you feel that this show is a good option.

The types of sponsorships that are possible for the show would only be product placements and other style of demonstrations with certain episodes limited to the sponsored content.

If you are a prospective sponsor-r reading this We will not encourage skewed opinions/reviews. But, please feel free to contact by emailing to [email protected] (We do not have a country bias. Any country sponsor that relates to our niche of electronics and science may contact us.)

We encourage small businesses, so if you are one specializing in any field of electronics and science from any country (preferably from India), we do not mind featuring you. Please contact us for details.

If you insist that we give a skewed review, please understand that It will lead to us displaying all details through our social media platforms, mainly twitter.

ESCcrasci’s Karo has been its most successful shows in the recent times (for us) and we want to share our happiness with you too while helping everyone including ourselves.

Thank You for reading this.

(This page will be updated periodically everytime we hit a milestone.)

DOES IT WORK OR NOT? That is the question

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