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The term Karo, corresponds to ‘Do It’. And this term coincides with the show’s aim of spreading hobby electronics worldwide.
Karo is the brainchild of Atul who is also coincidentally the guy behind the lab. Karo aims to share as much knowledge and ideas as the show can in under 1 minute which is a monumental task.
Karo first started streaming in Jan of 2022. Now the show’s second season has started to premiere with better quality content that will be uploaded more frequently.
The Show Notes shall be made available with close up pictures of the circuit and also code and purchase links if any available. The community can interact with the comment section below and every single suggestion will be taken into consideration.
Karo’s episodes are divided into 3 parts. basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
We will try our best to make sure that all episodes are suited to the Basic category.
If you enjoy and feel like supporting the show, please feel free to buy me a coffee (Electronic component mostly) (Host, designer and whatnot) so that the show can continue airing for free on YouTube and other Social Platforms
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