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The cheapest macropad DIY’ed

I recently challenged myself to build the world’s cheapest macropad with the RPI Pico and QMK. I successfully achieved it. But it had its own downsides.

The components I used include:

Raspberry Pi Pico-H1
1N4007 diodes6
1.2*1.2 mm push switches6
3D Printed enclosure, parts3
M3 Screws, brass inserts3
USB cable1

The circuit is rather simple. (21,22,27 clmns 19,18 rows) Connect the switches with a diode to each switch similar to other builds. Then connect the rows and columns like given below.

Row/columnpin (as on pi)

Finally print all of the files as given below and then flash the QMK firmware that can be downloaded for the pi below.

Firmware-Download the .uf2 file

Some Pictures:

3D files:

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