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DIY Astable Multivibrator -How I remade the very first circuit I made live


When I first started streaming, I made a dual LED flasher circuit. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the recording of the stream. I decided to make it again and convert my LED statue sculpture into something very interesting.

The circuit is very simple and only uses a few parts. It can be made for under 4 dollars very easily.

Parts Needed:

  • BC547-NPN 2
  • LED (RED or GREEN or YELLOW) 2 [But in my case, I used 15. 14 as a tower in series and 1 externally]
  • Resistors- 1Kx2 , 10Kx2
  • Capacitors- 22uF x2
  • 9V Power Supply x1
  • Wire

Optional parts:

(Soldering Version)

  • Proto-Board
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Rocker Switch

(Breadboard Version)

  • Breadboard x1
  • Jumper Wires

I used a highly modified version of a circuit that I found online. In my first stream, I made the circuit on the breadboard. But I made it permanent by soldering the circuit on a protoboard for a project.

The circuit is a dual LED flasher powered by two transistors.

Astable multivibrator circuit

This is the circuit.

Since I combined the above circuit into a pre-existing LED Tower, I soldered it into a Vero board and made it permanent.

Astable multivibrator circuit on a vero board/ proto board

Now, you might say, Where is the second LED?

Well, I made a LED 2D Pyramid with 14 LEDs in Parallel.

I made it look like a triangle. But in 2d. It is a soldering task. I agree. But when lit. It looks very good.

Fancy LED Light structure

The circuit for the same is

Circuit of each row of LEDs

I used a long copper wire to connect all of the ground. The LED on the perf-board will make the box its enclosed in glow. But the structure will blink indipendently.

I lowered the voltage and took a photo of the structure in action.

Photo of LED Rows attached to multivibrator for fancy effects

For enclosing the circuit, I used a blank CCTV Circuit enclosure box. You may get one from the link below.


I also used a rocker switch in series with the battery cable to make it function.

Rocker Switch added to enclosure for switching on and off
Image of SPDT Rocker Switch

And I powered the whole circuit with a 9 volt battery.

Final circuit powered by 9V enclosed in a CCTV Gang box

And closed the whole enclosure with the screws provided. And the whole project was complete. You may make a similar project also. If you do, tweet with the hashtag #ImadeitESC

Thank You for making and supporting and of course reading till here. Comments are appreciated.

Project made for & by

Atul R


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