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How you can make your own hydrogen generator

This is my electrical and chemistry-based project. Highly recommend that you don’t try this at home without any safety equipment.
Check video below.
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Now we used small electrodes with a fixed voltage. Adding higher amount of electrodes can get lethal. SO PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.
Incase you want to make it for other purposes here are the items required:

  1. A zinc nail
  2. A copper rod or something made from copper
  3. A 12 volt powersupply:
  4. 9 volt battery
  5. a bottle
  6. Salt
  7. water
  8. aquarium tubing

Let’s start!

  • you gather the components with wire, attach 1 wire to the copper rod and 1 wire to the zinc rod,
  • make 2 holes side by side on the bottle
  • gather some clear aquarium tubing
  • Make 1 small hole and 1 big hole in which the tube can fit.
  • now attach the tube and fix the tubing with some E6000 or something (not sponsored)
  • Into the second hole, push the wire and electrodes side by side.
  • make sure that the electrodes don’t touch each other.
  • Now give it power somewhere in between 9-12 volts.
  • before that add some salt water to it till the electrodes

VOILA! Now that your generator is ready, if you keep a lit-up match near the tube, the match should turn of. If not add more salt or water accordingly.

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